What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting new businesses or organizations, generally in response to identified opportunities or problems.

What is Entrepreneurs Week?

Entrepreneurs Week is an initiative of Student Entrepreneurs in partnership with other organisations committed to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation on university campuses around Melbourne & New South Wales.

Who can attend Entrepreneurs Week events?

Events are open to everyone: all students, alumni, members of the greater university community, and the general public.
Students from any university in Victorian or NSW can enter in the Innovators Challenge, though anyone can attend the exciting launch and finals events of the Challenge, and are encouraged to do so!

Do I need to register or RSVP?

Seating for all events is first come, first served. However, we appreciate if you pre-register so that we know the numbers for catering.

What is the cost?

All events are free, and free refreshments are served at most events.

Where is Entrepreneurs Week taking place?

Most events are at the University of Melbourne, or around the Melbourne CBD. A couple of events are also being held at the University of New South Wales.

Do I have to attend all the events?

No, you can attend as many or as few events as you like. Because there are a range of topics covered, you can attend those which interest you.

How can I get involved?

For university students:

  • Participate in the Innovators Challenge and win prizes!
  • Volunteer to help out at an event and gain a more in-depth networking opportunity - potential volunteers should email hi@agentsofchange.org.au
  • Attend as many events as you can!

For alumni, businesses and other members of the community who would like to be involved:

  • Sponsor E-Week or a specific event - please contact hi@agentsofchange.org.au for details
  • Donate audience prizes (giveaway items with or without your company logo)
  • Donate prizes for the Innovators Challenge winners
  • Nominate judges for the Innovators Challenge
  • Plan to attend as many events as you can!

Who runs Entrepreneurs Week?

Entrepreneurs Week is a project of Student Entrepreneurs inc. , a student-run non-profit organisation which aims to create a culture of entrepreneurship within universities. Our office is at Room 3-17, The Spot, 198 Berkeley Street, University of Melbourne VIC 3010.

Project Leader Amir Nissen
Sponsorship & Partnerships Manager Tim Jiang
Operations Manager Michelle Tham
Marketing & PR Manager Kevin Tong

Who to thank

Will Tan - NSW Champion

fitness-bundles.com - Volunteer

Under what legal structure does Entrepreneurs Week operate?

Student Entrepreneurs Inc.
ABN: 58 487 019 546
Vic association no: A0053100N

Who can I contact for general enquiries?

Please email hi@agentsofchange.org.au