Entrepreneurs Week 2011 Opening Ceremony

When: Thursday 11 August, 3:15pm to 5:15pm, followed by networking session
* Melbourne - Alan Gilbert Executive Lounge, University of Melbourne.
* Sydney - Old Main Building G31, University of New South Wales.
What: An engaging introduction to entrepreneurship from a successful entrepreneur, followed by the launch of the Innovators’ Challenge including the unveiling of this year’s mystery object.

Keynote Speaker:
* Melbourne: Wai Hong Fong
Shortly after graduating from university, Wai Hong Fong had two options: take an IT development job or have a go at building an online retail business. He chose the latter and with his business partners started approaching suppliers at trade shows to see if anyone was willing to give them anything to sell on eBay.
Fong was given the chance to go sell telescopes and binoculars. Pretty soon, OZHut had built Australia's leading niche telescope store and is now extending the niche strategy to other areas, with stores selling gadgets, breathalysers, torches, prams and even bubble wrap.
The company's revenue is forecast to be around $1.5 million in 2009-10.

* Sydney: Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin.
One of Anthill Magazine’s inaugural 30under30 Award winners, Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin thrives on creating smart solutions to every-day problems. For the past decade he has been balancing the demands of a full time Naval career, a Masters in Engineering and running personal businesses in his scant spare time. In 2009, Eckersley-Maslin returned from duty in Iraq with a drive to storm the ‘front line’ of Australian business.
To address the two most common barriers to starting a business - time and money - he demonstrated publicly that it was possible to build a viable venture in seven days and on a budget of $500. After just one week he launched AutoCarLog, an online system to manage vehicle mileage logs. Two months later he is securing joint ventures with multinational organisations and looking down the barrel of venture capital.
Eckersley-Maslin is passionate about giving the lessons he's learned back to the entrepreneur community. In May this year, Eckersley-Maslin was nominated as the most inspiring engineer of the year by the Institute of Engineers Australia (IEAust) and gives advice and assistance to other young entrepreneurs starting out.

Idea Generation Workshop

Will begin following the unveiling of this years mystery object!